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“We like Wood” begins by enjoying watching the shaping of wood, starting from a block of wood and seeing the figure hidden inside.

I was born into a family of woodworkers, my childhood was spent swinging between school and the woodworkers shop. At first I learned the peculiarities of letters and numbers, second the quirks of wood.

Soon I started to mimic what the eyes saw those hands do, firstly by creating my own toys. The close contact with great craftsmen allowed me to acquire wood working techniques (wood carving, marquetry, carpentry, wood turning, etc.) and simultaneously develop a profound admiration for traditional arts. After years of familiarization, I began studying design and found new possibilities to materialize an old dream that still hadn’t encountered its way. Those new ideas and ways of looking at objects generated a creative process whose highest point would be a new line of objects, where tradition and contemporary meet and handcrafted embraces design. I challenged a group of craftsmen to materialize those creations. The combination of their experience with my imagination culminated in this Portuguese brand of wooden objects.

In each object one can see the lines of the thought that created them, the ones that remained and the ones removed by the chisel. The stories told by the grains of the oak or by the knots of the walnut add value to its final form. The materials used for the objects and packaging are given a new life by ways of recycling. Nothing is wasted, the wood chips that are released in the shaping of the object, are the same used to protect them inside the package. We like Wood is taking a piece of wood and by the use of hands finding the object that hides in it.

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